The most significant events organized:


“INTERPOL 37 th  European Regional Conference gala dinner in Trakai castle;
“Hronas” Christmas dinner at the Government Guest House „Soviet Lithuania”;
“DMC Baltic Travel Solutions” dinner at the Government Guest House „Soviet Lithuania;
“Informacinės technologijos” agency of IT – Noblement feast;
“AIG Life” yearly Congress;
“TEO LT” Noblement feast in„Chodkevic“ palace;
30-oji “UNESCO” the 30 th session of World Heritage Gala Dinner;
“Conbaltas. Baltic Conference Organizers”. International conference and entertaining evening – Lithuanian culture and art;
“Eugesta” Christmas feast in Trakai castle „Old ang good fairy-tales”;
“Conbaltas. Baltic Conference Organizers”, Baltic Conference Organizers, opening gala of the 15th world’s doctors/heart surgeons conference in Trakai island castle yard;
NATO KK session - presentation of Lithuanian art and culture in Trakai island castle;
NATO Assembly session in Lithuania – in Trakai island castle;
Švytury–Utenos beer – merger of two companies „Jungiaburgas in Trakai island castle;
Kalanapilio – Tauro group – medieval feast in Trakai;
UNESCO office in Paris – Lithuanian food culture presentation;
European Commission in Brussels - Lithuanian food culture presentation;
Londa – presentation of new hair dyes in Lord’s palace of Trakai castle;
Adampolis – MAN – agency office in Lithuania, 10th birthday of the company, presentation of new truck;
ERPIKA „It's easier“ – 10th birthday of the company;
ACME – Computer components – 10th birthday of the company in Trakai castle main yard;
GAZPROM service - pipe Minsk-Vilnius-Kaunas-Kaliningrad graduetion party;
Medieval handicraft festival in Trakai island castle yard, August of  2005. Organizers of the festival;
Medieval festival in Trakai peninsular castle, June of 2001. Authors of idea, organizer of the first festival, participants of all the festivals;
Medieval night in Trakai castle, food culture and arts presentation (start on May of 2005);

              And also many other clients:

             URM – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, LRKM – Ministry of Culture in LR, Ministry of Financy, Unesco secretariat of Commission, NTA – The National Courts Administration, The National Control Commission for Prices and Energy, Chuch Heritage museumziejus, NAB – National Accreditation Office, European Commission Representation in Lithuania, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, MRU, VU, Trakai Historical Museum, Nobility Union, Rotary klub, Hansa bank, LSAS –National Union of Student Representations of Lithuania, SEB bank, Swedbankas, Conbalt, A&M Event Group, MG Valda, BTG – Baltic Travel Group, BTS – Baltic Travel Service, OM DMC Destination Managment, WE – West Express, BC – Baltic Clipper, Baltijos Piligrimas, AIM Group Baltic, ViaConventus, Via logica, Via Hansa, Eurovia Lietuva, TEB – Taiga Euro Baltica, jsc „Kauno keliai“, jsc „Ginalas“, Lithuanian Locksmith Association, AIG Life, Omnitel, ALNA business solutions, Alna inteligence, agency UPAS, sc „Kauno Grūdai“, sc „Snaigė“, Schmitz CargoBull AG, jsc „Propeller“, ŪBIG – Ukio bank investiment group, sc „Plasta“, SANOFI Aventis, Ranbaxy, GLAXO Smith Kline, Elme Messer Lit, Pharmexx, Roche Lietuva, Sprunk-Jansen, AAA „Wrislit“, uab „Blue Bridge“, uab „Scandlines“, Villa Mindoza, LFS – Lithuanian film studio, Advertising agency DDB, KAM – Ministry of Defence, jsc „Exto Marketing“, PURE culture, jsc „Hrono fasadai“, Lithuanian National Freight Forwarders Association „Lineka“, Baltic Travel Partner