Conferences and others

        Our company provides banquets and events services. We are working with all main conference and events organizing companies providing various types of catering and support services: coffee-breaks, lunch/dinner, suppers, guests treating, GALA dinners, feasts, corporate events etc. We can also prepare a feast for your celebration - weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and so on...



Conferences food (hors devours)

Canape with salmon
Canape with red caviars
Canape with liver and crystallized peels of oranges
Canape with lemony chicken and beetroots crisps
Canape with "Saliamis" sausage rolls
Canape with sun-dried tomato and cheese "Mozzarela"
Canape with olive and Gorgonzola
Mini pastry basket with smoked chicken and pineapples
Mini pastry basket with beef and chanterelles
Pancake with smoked fish and vegetables
Halibut rolls with capers
Mango pulp with shrimp served on spoon
Cheese "Parmesan" kerchief stuffed with "Maskarpone"
Gaspachio with shrimp
Parmesan cheese and cream appetizer with shrimp fried in wine
Royal Prawn and melon on stick
Champignons, stemed in Porto wine and dried ham on stick
"Mozzarela" cheese and "Cherry" tomato on stick
Sun-dried tomato and quails eggs on stick
Puff pastry and „Saliami“ rolls
Gorganzola and mushrooms pie bits
Fried oyster with "Cheddar" cheese and shpinats
Salmon slice with  asparagus in lemon sauce
Chicken steak stuffed with chanterelles and with stewed vegetables
Ham, almonds and dried date-palms rolls
Mini cepellin with meat or cottage cheese
Zuccinni rolls stuffed with„Brinza“ cheese
Mini sweet cake (chocolate, Tiramisu, fruits, caramel, apple, vanilla)  
Black or white chocolate candies with almonds dip
Pastry basket with fruits