Medieval feast

         Helpful servants will greet you kindly and warmly welcome you at a feast pulsating with the spirit of the Middle Ages… Bong of the trumpets and gunshots will announce the whole world about your arrival.
         Unseen and not yet tasted food and drinks recreated according to recipes of ancient books, primeval dances and music, clown’s jokes, games and other revelry, brutal knights’ fights, fakirs spitting with fire, all of this will help you to find yourself in the time, when there were real life going on Lithuanian castles…
         So, dears, if you want to be lords at a medieval feast, if you want to please your guests from Lithuania or overseas with entertainment and organize them a real “Royal medieval feast”, give us know about it. Creative castle servants will do anything to amaze your guests. 


Medieval meals
Bread kvass from "Cellar of King"
"Claree" - medieval drink of vine with honey and spices (XIV a.)
"Hot Mulled Cider" - hot drink of cider, flavourede with strong drink, herbs, natural juice
"Herb Cordial" - strong medieval drink of vodka flavoured with honey and herbs
Sweet bread with cottage cheese and herbs cream
Wild mushrooms and cheese pie
Meat pie with hazelnuts and vegetables, served on pie
Roasted ham of pork with bone
Roasted saddle of venison with cherry sauce
Onion jam
Cramberries in sugar
Pickled vegetables (beetroots, cabages)
Beef stew with wild mushrooms
Fried saddle of pork with bone, served with potetoes
Grilled turkeys breast with stewed carrots and prunes
Salmon steaks marinated in beer, served with wild rice
Grilled saddle of wild boar with cereals flavoured with honey and nuts
Grilled pig
Nuts with shells
Ginger braed
Sweet almonds