Noblemen ball

          Amazing place (manor of Tishkevich, Chodkevich…) Tasteful decorations of flowers and colour fillets… charming sound of harps, excellent violins or  flutes melodies… well-groomed, unique dishes, stylish ladies and spruced gentlemen enjoying the pleasures of salon: “life” pictures, riddles contest, creating poems – these just some pleasures of landed nobility which you will see, feel, smell or taste in Noblemen feast.
           The spruced and good-humored Graph Tishkevich (Chodkevich) will greet you kindly and warmly welcome you at a feast, he will tell amazing stories from nobility life. He is justly famous throughout the edge with his abilities to organize receptions and imaginatively entertain guests.


Noblemen meals
Floating Rose“ – ladies coctail
„Spootlight“ – gentelmen coctails
Aperitif „Dr. Johnson‘s Choice“ (XVIII a.)
Chicken breast with spinach in rosehip sauce with baked apple (1922 m.)
Royal Prawn appetizer with three sauces
Aylesbur duck breast with „Bigarade“ sauce and figs
Pâté de fois gras with oranges
Feta cheese and brown bread dunked in brandy appetizer
Crayfishes soup (1840 m.)
Bisque (mashed tomatoes soup) with beef
Duck breast with Gorganzola stuffed cherry tomatoes and blackberries sauce
"Norfolk"  veal tenderlion with rozmary and chanterelles
Beef Rost britalis
English pork tenderloin, stuffed with cedar nuts, served with potatoe in caramel
Roasted saddle of lamb with stewed tomatoes and fresh herbs
Quail with stewed vegetables
Cream "Briulė" with strawberries
Cottage cheese creams cake with fresh raspberries sauce
Chocolate - oranges pudding