Soviet banquet

        Hosts of Ball will welcome you with bread, vodka and pickled cucumbers… Uproar, shouting and a huge efforts to meet long-awaited guests as well as it’s possible, will put you to make a group photo at the poster “Proletarians of all countries, unite!”
        The main factory director, mother – heroine, a militiaman, a head of pioneers will recite series of ideological poems, raise a flag, organize collective exercises and dancing on newspapers… “Buffet - waitress” will pour Georgian cognac, offer herring “under the bedding”, “false” bunnies, meatballs “Tefteli” and Kiev cutlets… sound toasts… cheerful musician playing harmonica singing funny songs and guests will start cheerfully moving and dancing.
         It’s difficult to narrate, you need to see, feel and taste it.


Soviets meals

Birch sap
Champagne "Sovetskoje Igristoje polusladkoje"
Brandy "Belij Aist 5YO"

Appetizer served with vodka (smoked ham, onions, pickled  cucumber, bread)
Sandwich with caviars
Herring „under coat“
Smoked ears of pork
Eggs with sprats and mayonaise - horseradish sauce
False rabbit
Tongue of beef with white sauce
Russian salad
Salad „Mimoza“
Pies with meat, cabbages or mushrooms
Bortsch with dumlings
Mini "Kijev" cutlets with fried potatoes
Beef balls "Tefteliai"  in tomaoes sauce
Veal rolls with boiled potatoes
Shashlik of pork
Sweet jelly with fruits
Cake „Napoleon“